This is another hard night, still processing the thesis.
It is just felt that you’ve been too overconfidence for 21 years.
What makes you confidence?
Looks at your roommate Ren, who played ACM, finished the thesis a month ago, and would go to Innovation-Works for intern in summer.
Looks at your classmate Lang, who shinned at Fengru Cup since his first year at university, and guaranteed to graduate student a year ago, he’s also nice to everyone. Besides, he also interned at Microsoft the same time he worked for his mentor in school.
Looks at your classmate Gu, who served as the director of the student union, also kept one of the highest GPA in our school, and finished his thesis at Japan which was totally supported by school.
Looks at your schoolmate Zhu and Wu, who published on the most recognized conference in the world, DAC and SIGCOMM, they also got Ph.D admission to the most recognized school in U.S. with full support.
Looks at your workmate Xie and Gong, who got Ph.D admission to the best Computer Science school, Cornell and Berkeley also with full financial support. They learned fresh knowledge so fast, and not talk too much. They’re the really “Star of the Tomorrow” in the academic field.
Looks at your workmate Cui, who got offer to the company M, really having fun from programming and got salary more than 200k+ at the first year.
Looks at these boys, you live with them, play with them and work with them, and they all are really nice guys and easy to get along with.
They’re also just an undergraduate, where’s your confidence coming from?
Like Yao said, to face the reality. Or do you have the dream?
Close your mouth, close your mouth, and close your mouth.
p.s. I still want to apply to Ph.D after Master.